Wall Murals

In 2005, we were invited by some friends of ours to go to Mazeppa, Mn for a Letterhead meet.   They were to have their semi trailer painted at this event.    We were new to the Letterheads, and didn't have a clue what to expect.   We were welcomed in, and had the opportunity to learn and paint with some of the best in the world.  It was awesome.   Needless to say, we were hooked.

Since then, we have had the pleasure of attending Walldog Events in a few different cities. The Walldog movement is gaining popularity, and is a great way for a town to boost its tourism. Imagine a large group of talented artists coming into your community to paint the most beautiful murals you can imagine.  Every mural springs to life with images of local places, people and products that have a historic connection to the town.

After attending the WallDog event at Pontiac IL in 2009 we decided to paint a mural on our own shop wall for the family reunion that we were hosting.

In 2011, we took on our own project, in the City of Coopersville, and painted a mural with a tribute to Del Shannon.   With the help of some very good Walldog friends, we completed the project in less than a week.

Other murals that we have helped on.

Pontiac IL 2009

Algoma WI 2010

Danville IL 2010

Plymouth WI 2011

Arcola IL 2012

Shishewana IN 2014

Delavan WI 2015

Butler PA 2016

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